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What is Guardianship Law?
A guardian is someone who is granted legal authority to make decisions for another person who is incapable of making those decisions for themselves. This person is called a ward, and they can be a minor, an elderly person who is unable to take care of themselves, or someone who has become incapacitated through illness or disability. There are several types of legal disputes that can arise before, during, and after the process of choosing a legal guardian. 
Who Could Go Through Guardianship Disputes?

One of the common disputes in guardianship involves the question of who should be appointed the ward's guardian. This has to be a person who is of sound mind, and has the ward's best interest in mind. Another type of guardianship dispute that can arise is over the estate of the ward. For instance, when a person with a lot of wealth becomes incapacitated, they may require the assistance of a guardian to manage their finances, and this could lead to disputes over that person's qualifications. Legal disputes are also common where child support payments are involved. The laws concerning children's guardianship disputes vary by jurisdiction and also according to the custody agreements. 
Our Attorneys Can Help You

For anyone in this type of situation, a defense lawyer is needed because a guardianship arrangement can be challenged. When a guardian's eligibility is challenged, there may be various reasons why. For instance, some jurisdictions differentiate between guardians of the state and guardians of the person. This means that although someone may be fit to be guardian of the estate, they may not be fit to be guardian of the person. 

Also, sometimes guardians are appointed according to instructions left in a will (also known as Testamentary Appointments), but the situation may have changed by the time the parents become deceased, leading to disputes in these kinds of guardianship appointments. 
Professional and Reliable Attorneys At Your Service
Our law firm is the best to handle such cases, because we understand that making big life or legal decisions for someone else is a huge responsibility, and it is one that should never be taken lightly. We have highly qualified guardianship lawyers to help you throughout this entire process. We recognize that no two cases are the same, and we take a practical approach, analyze the law and the facts, and work with you to come up with a creative strategy that will get you the results you desire. 
Huffman Butler, PLLC is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and our attorneys are available by appointment in the evening and on weekends. We are located in Saline County, AR and serve clients throughout Central Arkansas. You can reach us at 501-574-9935 or visit our contact us page.
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